Regional Quality Assurance Laboratories

Each Recochem regional production facility is equipped with a dedicated Quality Assurance laboratory responsible for ensuring our coolants are manufactured in accordance with formulas established by our coolant Development Centre and which meet all sales specifications. These labs are staffed by experienced technical personnel and suitably equipped with the necessary resources to achieve this objective. We are continuously involved in training to the latest analysis techniques including Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and employ established test methods to make certain all products conform to the required specifications. 
Our established process control plan includes evaluation of incoming raw materials and packaging allowing for full traceability at every stage of production and through the finished product supply chain. The Quality Control team is able to validate each production lot of coolant against seven ASTM tests to ensure product compliance to standard. In addition to physical appearance, some of the other coolant quality control tests performed include:
ASTM D1287   pH
ASTM D1122   Relative Density/ Specific Gravity
ASTM D1881   Foam volume & break time
ASTM D3634   Chloride
ASTM D1123   Water Content
ASTM D1177   Freeze Point
Further quality assurance testing includes full chemical and compositional analysis of select coolant products. Our total Quality Assurance program provides an unparalleled level of confidence to our customers and their customers alike that the coolant products we supply meet or exceed the performance expected.