Performance Additives

Air Brake Antifreeze
Air Brake Antifreeze helps guard the vehicle’s brake lines against freeze up for complete winter protection.  A methanol-based product for fast results, it can be used year-round to absorb moisture, provide corrosion protection and reduce brake failure.

Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid is specially designed to protect the metal components, provide lubricity to all moving parts and ensure efficient seal performance in today’s brake systems. DOT 3 brake fluid is formulated with superior anti-corrosion additives to protect vital brake system metals from corrosion. It meets the performance requirements of FMVSS-116 and SAE J1703, and functions over the full range of climatic conditions likely to be encountered.
Maintaining the vehicle’s brake system with clean brake fluid at proper levels is essential for safe driving – clean fluid helps prevent moisture contamination which could lead to impeding performance, vapour lock brake failure or costly repairs.

Power Steering Fluid
Power Steering Fluid helps stop pump squeals, prevents valve and cylinder wear and provides smooth power steering operation in most North American cars. A premium quality lubricant for power steering systems, it also contains an additive package that contains antioxidants, anti-wear and anti-foam additives. The pour point depressant helps ensure smooth operation – even at sub-zero temperatures. It meets or exceeds technical specifications GM9985010, Chrysler MS5931 and Ford ESW M2C128D.

Gas Line Antifreeze
Gas Line Antifreeze is designed for use in all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles and snowmobiles, and is suitable for fuel injection engines, carbureted engines and diesel engines. Gas line antifreeze helps to dry moisture in fuel tanks and lines, prevent lines from freezing and to ensure easy starts in cold weather. It contains methanol, and an effective bittering agent to help prevent human or animal consumption of the product.

Fuel Injection Gas Line Antifreeze improves engine performance, assures fast starts after vehicle storage and removes water from fuel tanks. It helps to keep carburetors and fuel systems clean and can be used with all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel. This product is ethanol-based and is recommended for cars with fuel injection systems; it is also excellent for powerboats, RVs, gasoline powered lawnmowers and snowmobiles.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner
Diesel Fuel Conditioner prevents and thaws frozen fuel lines in all types of diesel engine systems. It eliminates moisture in fuel tanks, impedes internal tank corrosion and helps maintain injector nozzle cleanliness. This sulphur free conditioner helps remove gum and sludge from the entire fuel system and aids in reducing smoke in the system.

Premium Diesel Fuel Conditioner
Premium Diesel Fuel Conditioner contains special “anti-gel” additives to promote strong cold starts and combustion performance in extreme cold temperatures. As a diesel fuel additive, it prevents fuel filter plugging and reduces the fuel’s pour point to help avoid inefficient operation or costly engine down time. It cleans and prevents moisture and deposit formation while providing lubrication to the fuel system for overall extended corrosion and wear protection. Overall fuel economy is improved by increasing power and mileage while reducing harmful emissions.

APPLICATION: Safe for year round use. A sulphur free product, it is suitable for use with all diesel fuel types, including bio-blends and ultra low sulphur (ULSD) grade. It mixes readily in diesel fuel and can be handled and applied down to -40°C.
Note: It will not void vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

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