Capabilities, ISO

Production and Distribution


Five Canadian production/distribution facilities, supplemented with an Atlantic Canada joint venture and US contract packaging alliances, ensures rapid and cost effective service to customers all over North America.


All sites produce their own HDPE bottles in a number of sizes including our proprietary multi-layer co-extruded solvent bottles. Liquids are filled in containers ranging from 50mL bottles to tanker trucks and rail cars.


All sites are highly automated with blowmoulders, filling lines, palletizers and robotic case packers allowing 24-hour operation, rapid response and ISO standards of product quality nation-wide.


Through worldwide contacts, competitive zeal and extensive industry association activity we keep ahead of trends, new methods and improved processes so that we can offer our customers the best service and products.


Our staff provides personalized service for each customer’s special requirements while our EDI & Category Management Systems assure instant response and rapid order processing. Trained communicators handle consumer inquiries to assist our retailer customers with great customer service.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility that comes from blowing and filling our bottles in-house. We produce and ship identical, on-spec product 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from our five locations across Canada.

Liquid Storage/ Distribution

Recochem has extensive storage capacity for raw materials and blended products, as well as bulk sales of select transportation fluids at our multiple locations.


Research and Development

Our highly specialized development lab concentrates on new formulations, life cycle assessment and efficacy testing to ensure continuous improvement across all product lines.

A specialized laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta is devoted to the development and testing of innovative automotive and heavy duty coolants technology. This features ASTM-approved state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to develop new coolant products for today’s demanding market needs, and offer unparalleled technical support to our worldwide customer base. This product development lab also works closely with our Marketing Team to test and develop other transportation fluids, household fluids and specialty products to meet the needs of our multiple markets.

Continuous improvements and an eye on environmental responsibility assure maximum recyclability, minimum waste and effective marketability of all products created for our private label customers. We monitor and target reductions in our carbon footprint as well as waste generation. Quality systems are in place in each one of our facilities – Recochem is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Technical Service and Development

We use our chemical and performance tests to assist in product development. Recochem continues to expand its coolant fluid knowledge base by developing new coolant technology with enhanced performance. We also use these tests to trouble-shoot customer coolant system issues. Recochem Technical Service Personnel can help customers resolve in-field coolant related issues.

Technical Assistance

Our chemists and technical support staff are on 24-hour stand-by to answer questions. In the highly specialized transportation fluids market, this is particularly important to fleet owners and maintenance managers of heavy machinery.